Thank you, Lou. Your story was thought-provoking.

It is a good observation that there will often be better places in the world to accomplish one's goals. Being ready and willing to move can be a big advantage. There will also always be some new or different tech providing a way to avoid or hide our actions from government restrictions.

Such acts of avoidance amount to running and hiding. There is a place for avoidance -so long as we acknowledge that at some point we will have to stop running and make a stand. Either we, our children, or our Grandchildren. Better us, than them.

The evils spoken of in this article are increasingly global. . https://medium.com/what-government-will-do-with-bitcoin/who-will-control-bitcoin-f451d15c9d19

Evil moves in but one direction. Until it is confronted, it only gets worse.



Davido Davido

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